30 Images That Will Take You Back To The Childhood In The 90’s


There was a time when we were young, days were magical and hearts were innocent. There were no technology like iPhones, Play Stations or the Internet, but there were things that made us happy, that cheered us and that is what made our childhood’s beautiful.

Take a look down the memory lane as we bring you a few memorable moments from the “Best Days Of Your Life”!

When Sitting with girls was considered as a Punishment.

When we collected all our favourite tunes in one casette for our walkmans.

When this sweet delight, delighted us the most.

When a Single game helped us decide our relation with others.

When getting these books filled were a craze in the School.

When the whole home had only a single telephone connection.

When we kept on buying gums after gums for our favourite

When rains meant sailing paper boats in water.

When giving this band to someone special was such a big deal.

When we pretended to have fallen sick to watch this program on Doordarshan.

When we made WWE Superstars ‘Clash’ at will .

When the title track of this serial scared the shit out of us.

When Summer Vacations meant being pampered at ‘Nani’s’ home.

When letters were hand-written with love and not e-mailed.

When relatives came to our homes and watched our parents getting married.

When we came up with an interesting excuse each time to escape school.

When we implemented all strategies to champion this game.

When we did not need to go to the ground to play Cricket.

When ‘Antakshri’ was the best pass time.

When we spent our entire childhood saving his girlfriend.

When we purchased Cheetos just for the tazos.

When we loved to pick the color of our choice.

When we loved the story of “Fruity” and “Sonpari”.

When our friends made sure that our pens always had enough ink.

When all of us tried to deceive the ‘Police’ with our expressions.

When we learnt new words playing this game.

When we loved having the black ‘goliyaans’.

When we loved watching the chronicles of ‘Mowgli’ in the Jungle.

When we were deceived with the biggest lie of our childhood.

When we waited for days for the new comic series to be released.


So Well, it isn’t the 90’s anymore, but some of these things and ideas can still be seen around us, rarely, but we can still find the Fatafat in some shops. The book cricket has changed to odd-eve, and cassettes have been replaced by memory cards. Anybody wish the millennial kids had these joys too? Or you’d rather your childhood with Play Stations and iPhones?

Share with your friends and cousins for remembering your Golden Memories.

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