Actor Suriya And Karthi’s Family Donate Their Living House For Agaram Foundation.


Actor Suriya isn’t only a star hero but he has very good name in Tamil Nadu. Suriya and his family have been running a charitable trust ‘Agaram Foundation’..And accomplishing many welfare activities for the past few years.  Agaram foundation is looking after the welfare of orphan children by giving them shelter and education.

In contrast to other charitable trusts that in most cases attention on publicity in preference to the welfare activities; Agaram foundation has very good popularity.  Suriya own family spends numerous crores at the welfare activities of the foundation aside from the donations from outsiders.

Suriya family has donated their very own house, wherein they have been living for the beyond few a long time.  Suriya father Sivakumar built this residence and he may be very fond of this residence. Suriya, Karthi were born and taken up in the same house.  Even Suriya’s kids had been born in the same residence.

As the family became big, Suriya family built a new residence and moved there lately.  Suriya family didn’t sell the residence but they’ve donated it for charity.  They are getting huge appreciation for this noble gesture as the really worth of the residence will run into crores.

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